Giving Back

I ran into a friendly mom of four at the park, and she proudly explained how she volunteered for Operation Underground Railroad, a non-profit organization fighting against human trafficking.  I left the park pretty shocked by the horrific reality, but deeply inspired by another mom of four managing to find the time in her busy schedule to give back to such a noble cause.  

After reading everything I could on their site, I was moved to action and wanted to help as much as possible.  This happens to be an extremely dark topic but it’s beyond important to spread the word so we can make this a priority and end child trafficking.  

It would be so much easier to avoid the fact that slavery is happening here in the US and all over the world. The truth is, ignoring this topic means we are doing absolutely nothing.  What if this was your child or family member?

I was so thankful to meet such a lovely human being that day, and let’s please pass along her kindness.  I am a mama bear of four, who will passionately stand up and fight against human trafficking. Will you please join me?

For every purchase made on our website, 4BOS will donate 1% of proceeds to Operation Underground Railroad. Please go to, if you would like to learn more, volunteer or donate to this outstanding organization.