Beach Packing List- 11 Essential Items You Need
For A Successful Beach Day

Our favorite days and memories involve going to the beach as a family and coming home deeply relaxed with a peaceful perspective. 

The great part is you can make your beach day as simple or elaborate as you would like. I’ve put together a few helpful items to make your day a total success. 

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By Molly Mackenzie

Nobody likes a “HANGRY BEACH”! I’m such a snacker and so are my boys. This means we bring a variety of treats when heading out to sea. 

First of all, I’m absolutely obsessed with Taste Nirvana Coconut Water. It’s so hydrating, and in my opinion, the best tasting coconut water on the market. I usually buy it by the case because it goes pretty quickly in my all-boy household. 

Also, why does popcorn taste so good while watching the waves crash? Must be the salty air because I always crave a bag of Skinny Pop. It’s only 100 calories and these mini bags help me with portion control.    

If you want to hang at the beach longer, making the most of your day, shade is your best friend. Checkout this very lightweight and easy to setup tent by Pacific Breeze. Wearing a hat is always a good idea to cover up as well. I personally love trucker hats for my kiddos and recently found this very stylist straw hat. Winning!

Keep your drinks cold and your food at a healthy temperature. This is the ultimate all terrain cooler for the beach. It rolls over sand easily and has a place to hold your drinks. Plus it’s pretty…so why not?! 

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Don’t forget the sunblock!  I suggest ordering in advance so you are not running last minute and grabbing something you end up not loving.  Which sunscreen is best?  

Here are a few of my favorites especially if you have a baby with precious skin to protect.  Babyganics is scent-free and Sun Bum smells lightly delicious. 

9. Beach Toys

10. Waterproof Beach Blanket

11. The Rinse Kit

No showers at the beach? No problem! Bring this along and you have a lovely portable shower to rinse all of the sand off. This holds 2 gallons and 6 minutes of continuous spray! 

Molly Mackenzie

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