Four Boys Of Summer

Enjoy The Little Things

Because One Day You Will Look Back And Realize They Were Big Things

No matter where you live or what season you are in, this is a story about the joys of summer, sunshine and life with my 4BOS.  Each one of my boys have individual and unique qualities, constantly inspiring and challenging me to try something new or see life in a different perspective. I love being a kid again and living daily life through the eyes of my children. 

Four Boys Of Summer

Live Life Sunny

4BOS Life

Having four kids...what can I say? Every day is an extreme adventure and I have to be very flexible and creative with whatever obstacle comes my way. I use to be a little more "Type-A", and I've learned to let a ton of things go. Especially the fantasy of a clean house!

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Life is good in Southern California! We enjoy being active as a family and our 4BOS have lots of energy. We make most of our days outside including the beach, hiking, camping, travel and much more. Check out my blog for more fun-filled 4BOS plans and ideas.

Nothing Worth having comes easy


You Are My Son-Shine

When my husband and I met we both agreed we wanted an abundant number of little ones, not at all knowing what running a large family was all about. I’m not exaggerating when I say “running”.  Life with four is like a daily marathon but slowly our 4BOS evolved and and I’m so proud to say our family is complete. We cherish our little boy squad more than we could ever imagine. 

Stay Awhile

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Now that my baby  is sleeping through the night and our family is complete, it feels so wonderful to find the “me” again.  I’ve always loved connecting with people, journaling, brainstorming, planning and design.  Cheers to this amazing new chapter. I hope you enjoy!

4BOS Life

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